Wednesday, 15 May 2019

PRT Meeting - Time Management

One of my biggest struggles since the beginning of teaching is time management.  How can I grow to be an effective teacher who can make a difference in one learner's life and still be a wife, mother of 4 sons (each is unique and have different learning styles)? 

What takes my team leader 5 minutes of thinking and explaining, can take me 5 hours to unpack and plan.  How can I plan my week more effectively that our learners engage and still go home to put my energy into my family?

From my PRT meeting, my mentor teacher Kent was able to show me where and how he allocated time.  He would start with the task that would take the longest that is reading, then writing and maths (as it's his strengths).  He would be ahead 2 weeks in his planning and spend his mornings carrying out minuscule tasks.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

My Inquiry Plan 2019

This year, my professional inquiry focus was looking at the dynamics of DMIC and grasping
the concepts which are relevant for the teaching of this method to my students. In
retrospect, I have also been looking at how my teaching could lift the achievement levels
of students through a culturally responsive lens.

My questions leading into this inquiry were:
* Through the lenses of Tongan/Samoan and Cook Island languages/cultures how could
I increase my students learning levels within their maths understanding?
* How could I create learning tasks that were relevant and deeply embedded in the LCS
framework to inspire and share with others?

Reflecting over my mathematics programme and teaching for 2018, it seemed that I
needed to look more closely into the maths content knowledge in order to keep my
students engaged and on task.

While learning how to facilitate and teach a DMIC plan, I could see the students struggle
with number knowledge. This realisation occurred during independent or group tasks.

While reflecting on what could have improved within my teaching, I discovered that the
followup experiences should have reflected the WALT of the lesson in more detail and
could have been more hands on. I fell into the habit of reusing a lot of tasks and plans
of other teachers. These were tasks that were not specifically designed or reflected the
needs of my own students. This was a major factor in the disengagement of the students.

The follow-up tasks were more like time fillers instead of focusing tasks on specific needs
of the students.

My 5 priority learners are either an ESOL student or students who portray behavioural or
learning challenges.  I will endeavour to blog and gather data on their progress
throughout this year. I am hoping to improve their learning levels and see a positive
shift in how I plan and teach a diverse range of students.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2018 - 50V50

One of the biggest crazes around the world is 'Fortnite'.  While it can drive me crazy watching our kids do the 'floss' or talk about 'skins'.  Majority of our class is hooked to this battle royal video games 'fortnite'.  

By using their interests, our class was able to work out their props, choreography, choice of music, location to record our scenes as well as working together as a team.  Students were able to talk to me about what they knew about 'fortnite' and how we can produce our movie better next year.  Here is a copy of our film:

PD Tapasa Framework